Hello! My name is Margrít Blair Dietrick, but all my friends call me Maggie. I was not born in Texas but, as they say, I got here as soon as I could. I’ve lived in Waco, Texas most of my life and have watched it evolve from a quaint, quiet town into the thriving tourist attraction it is today—largely due to Chip and Joanna Gaines and other creative entrepreneurs.


While I was attending college, I worked at a prominent boutique in Waco. I started as a sales associate and worked up to Merchandiser, Co-Manager, and Assistant Buyer. It was there that I found my passion for entrepreneurship and retail. I decided to pursue both by launching Margrít Co. in 2014.

I began my humble marketing attempts by setting up booths at the Waco Downtown Farmer’s Market. I slowly built my customer base by attending numerous shows all over Central Texas. However, after two years of traveling from show to show, I wanted to give Margrít Co. a home base so I rented several spaces in Central Texas. Although some of those places have come and gone, you can still find Margrít Co. in local shops throughout Texas:



Every piece of Margrít Co. jewelry is designed and hand-crafted in-house. We use recycled glass which is then melted down and dyed to specific colors. Each piece is molded, shaped, and finally drilled. Then the fun part begins! We design and create unique pieces for Margrít Co.’s jewelry line that make women feel beautiful and confident when they slide on a bangle or wear a bold pendant. Whether you want something simple for daytime or more elegant for an evening event, Margrít Co. meets your every need.


When I was 11 years old, my little brother, Matthew, was born with Down Syndrome. Today, he is the heartbeat of Margrít Co. and the vision behind our Down with Business scholarship fund.

Every day Matthew helps stock, sort, and select jewelry pieces before creating care bags and packaging shipments. Aside from the practical help he offers, Matthew reminds us why we work so diligently to bring you beautiful, quality jewelry. We do it for you—those who want eye-catching pieces at reasonable prices. But we also do it for people like him—those who want and deserve jobs with dignity.

At Margrit Co., we’re doing more than just creating stunning jewelry. We are a mission-minded company that believes in empowering those with Down Syndrome, which is why we donate 15% of our retails sales to our Down with Business scholarship fund. Our Down with Business scholarship benefits ministries and businesses owned and operated by individuals with Down Syndrome.



Throughout time the pineapple has symbolized hospitality—a virtue Margrít Co. holds in high esteem. While we love jewelry, we value our customers even more. This is why we chose the pineapple as our official brand symbol. We aim to treat every customer with honor, respect, and personal care. We offer impeccable customer service that you won’t find with other jewelry designers, and we consider it an honor when we work with clients on custom pieces. Want to collaborate on a design? Have a question or need more information? Click here. We’d love to chat!