These incredible businesses are shouting the worth of others of different abilities!



Down Home Ranch

Down Home Ranch empowers the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities through social, educational, residential, and vocational opportunities. They provide a high quality of life for their residents, offering lifelong opportunities, and supporting individual choice. Their programs make it possible for everyone to benefit from their unique environment.



The Bee Community is a God-centered, post-secondary, vocational program that provides a place of belonging, meaningful work, and lifelong learning for adults with disabilities. The Bee Community is a place for people with and without disabilities to enter into authentic relationships.

Charlie French – Artist

Charlie French is an abstract artist. His Artwork is absolutely incredible! He is an intuitive artist. Charlie embraces a blank canvas with a sense of wonder and adventure. He is a hard worker, Charlie is always learning but loves to let go and have fun! I Check out his portfolio!


Mallory Paige Designs

Mallory Paige Designs, believes that EVERY LIFE has value, and it is their mission to put the talents of those otherwise deemed as “disabled” by society on display. Join them as they MOVE MOUNTAINS for adults with disabilities – one beautiful piece of jewelry at a time.

Sandal Gap Studios

Born from two sisters’ combined passions – one for art and the other for inclusion. It all started with a simple, yet powerful dream. Sandal Gap Studios is a non-profit organization that promotes inclusion through art. Sandal Gap is an art studio for artists of all abilities. A place where people can come together and build life-changing relationships.


Blessed for this Mess

Blessed for this mess has a heart for impact in the hearts and homes consumed by the weight of their circumstances. To create a breakthrough in the special needs community, especially through the incredible mothers who pour their hearts into this unexpected journey. Check out Annie’s shop!

Be Kind. Live Kind

Tina’s hopes to make an impact & teach our culture that even though we’re all different & we all have different opinions we can learn to be kind to one another. They create jewelry & apparel to remind others to be kind.


Candidly Kind

Grace Key is the creator of Candidly Kind. She’s a 22-year-old entrepreneur who has used writing, drawing, and painting throughout her life to express herself. She has the help of her family but she does a bit of everything and that’s how she likes it! “candidly kind” gives a percentage of every sale to charities who share our vision to spread light, love and acceptance.