Hi everyone! 

Just wanted to stop by and say that we are thinking of all of you and your families. 

Although we are all practicing social distance, you can shop our products online at MargritCo.com. Bare with us as we work through this time. We will get orders out as soon as we can! We are performing extra cleaning measures to ensure that products, packaging, and all involved, is sanitized correctly and thoroughly. Our customers and Matt are top priority and we want to do everything possible to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

While we are all cooped up, it’s important to find different ways to clear your mind.

Here’s a few tips that might help when the “stir crazy” sets in:
• Get some fresh air! Backyard, apartment balcony, even just opening up a window. 
• Organize your closet. 
• Listen to some of your favorite music!

Stay positive, healthy, and safe. We will get through this!

Maggie & Matthew
Margrit Co.