Hello my friends! 

We are here in your inbox again and we are 1 week away from Christmas! Christmas is absolutely one of my favorite seasons! Day after Thanksgiving we all get in the car to pick out our beautiful family Christmas tree and we spend the whole day together! It’s a pretty magical time!

This season can be hard too, with all the busy schedules and Christmas parties, the hustling and bustling to get Christmas shopping done and sent out on time or wrapped and under the tree.

It’s also hard for people in the world dealing with loss. Loss of a job, a family member or significant other. It can make the holiday season really hard to get through.

This year has been a difficult year for me if we’re being fully transparent, which I like to be because I consider you guys my people!

There was an article circulating around on facebook, and I’ll admit when I first clicked on the link I was like this article isn’t going to be deep it’s going to be just surface level. But to my surprise, the article resonated with me. I felt like the writer got my heart and my loss.

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The author, Nancy Gunthrie didn’t give a quick fix in the article to make everything better. She validated people’s loss, she validated their emotions and wanting to hide away until Jan. 2.

But she also talked about Hope, and God am I thankful for beautiful hope! Christmas is where Hope began all those years ago. Jesus is our hope. Hope for healing and for restoration. I cling to that hope every day!

I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas! Matthew and I are so thankful for you guys and for your love and support of Margrit Co. & Down with Business. Bing Crosby said it best, “May your days be merry and bright!” and have a beautiful and Merry Christmas!

Maggie & Matthew
Margrit Co.

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Matthew picked out the best tree!

He was asking back in October to go pick out the Christmas tree! It was an amazing day we went to the tree farm and picked out the tree, got to say hello to the locals at the farm and then headed to one of his favorite pizza joints!
It was an amazing day!

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