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Margrit Co. Hope Box


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Who here has become an expert at waiting in line? It’s like the new thing we do right? ⠀

We’re waiting in line. We’re waiting for our packages to get here. We’re waiting on the world to get back to normal. We’re waiting and waiting and waiting.⠀

For some of us though, that waiting is starting to drain us. We feel hopeless, we feel loss, we feel alone. We start feeling scared, will we ever come out of this waiting season?⠀

Is there any hope? ⠀


Yesterday the shortest day of the year, darkness came so early! And yet there was light, a star/ alignment that hadn’t happened in over 400 years! Something we all waited to see, and so many were outside waiting, searching, hoping….⠀

I couldn’t help but think of God’s people all those year ago and how they had been waiting years for their Savior, Jesus Christ! After so much waiting came God’s promise, His blessing to His people!⠀

‎קָוָה , qavah in Hebrew means, “to wait, hope for, look, expect, to gather.”⠀

God’ people waited, it was hard, it was isolating at times. Does this sound familiar?⠀

Look how far you’ve come this year, in the waiting. Seriously I want you to take a second and reflect on this year, there were some hard bits, maybe only a few glimpses of joy, my friend you are here and you are standing, you are still waiting.⠀

Waiting takes strength, and it’s where healing happens.⠀

What I’m about to ask you to do is scary, you’re like Maggie I can’t do this anymore… friend, I know, I feel you, trust me I’ve been there! My heart was in the thick of this year too. ⠀

I want you to cling to hope as you wait. To dream, to look forward, to expect, to get excited! To have faith, and look forward to how God will move in your life.⠀

You may be waiting, but God is actively moving! Trust and hope again, my friend!⠀

Isaiah 40:31 ⠀

This Curated Box includes the following:

– Two exclusive pairs of Margrit Co. Opaque White earrings with Black artisan wire

– Hope Beanie Hat from True & Noble Apparel

–  Black and White Buffalo Print Hot Coffee Sleeve by The Cheerful Roost